“You learn ‘a love of God, a love of learning, and a strong work ethic’ and it all helps put you together into a person who finds himself.”

- Michael Fernandez, Class of 2015

“Alumnus from 1987-1990, pre-Academy days. I can say without a doubt Bethesda made a huge difference in my life. I am happy to see how the organization has evolved and look forward to visiting the museum on my next trip to Savannah!”

- David Gay, Bethesda Alumnus

“The life lesson Bethesda has taught me is: never give up.”

- Troy Peters, Class of 2015

“My son attended Bethesda for 3 years. He loved it and so did I. He’s a 2016 graduate with honors. Thank you for your dedication.”

- Gerald Thomas, parent

“I found my ability to work hands-on – and find that I not only enjoy it, but do it better than most.”

- Sean Carter, Class of 2016

“The learning is totally different. The teachers are a lot more attentive – even more respectful and have more patience.”

- Michael Fernandez, Class of 2015

“Since I lived in the cottage, it definitely taught me how to take care of myself…and come out of my shell.”

- Joseph Donaldson, Class of 2016

“The life lesson Bethesda has taught me is: never give up.”

- Troy Peters, Class of 2015

“The key difference between public school and Bethesda is its ‘family’ here.”

- Eric Brack, Class of 2015

“Given the opportunity, these boys will become leaders. To the extent that we can lift these young men above their circumstances, we are helping to equip leaders for our future.

- Don Gardner, Bethesda Supporter

“When people believe in you love you, and support you, you can go far in life. From Dr. Tribble to the dining hall staff, everyone at bethesda provided correction, direction, and guidance. They always cared about me as a person.”

- Lt Col Lance Freeman, USAF, Bethesda Alumnus

“These people believed in me. They always have. Bethesda has never turned their back on me!”

- John Herdman, Bethesda Alumnus

“Thanks to Bethesda’s supporters I was able to attend a prestigious school like SCAD and now my future looks bright. Without people willing to financially support Bethesda, there would be many young people with a very uncertain future.”

- Gary Byrd, Class of 2008

“Bethesda gave me the opportunity to better myself in a solid learning environment.”

- Duane Chisolm, Class of 2010

“Bethesda is like an extended family. We’re working as a team to give these boys what they need to be successful.”

- Paula Deen, TV Personality and Entrepreneur

“The team (2012 Blazers) played with dedication, they played unselfishly, and that’s the way you have to play to be champions.”

- Bob Weinhauer, Former NBA Coach and Bethesda Volunteer

“Everyone who works here understands the value of family, and that is what we are at Bethesda, a family.”

- Antwain Turner, Campus Chaplain

“It’s special to have the opportunity to make a daily impact on a young man’s life.”

- Clevan Thompson, Head Basketball Coach

“I think that all of us who support Bethesda do so for the boys and the wonderful mission of Bethesda. How fortunate we are that the State of GA allows us a tax credit that we can take advantage of through our GOAL Scholarship Program. I write the check, the state reimburses me, and the boys benefit. Wow!”

- John C. Helmken II, GA State President, South State Bank

“Of all my volunteer work, the service to the young men of Bethesda Academy has been the most engaging and meaningful.”

- Kathy Piette, The Women’s Board of Bethesda

“When thinking about charities to donate to this year, I hope you will consider Bethesda. Your contribution could make such a difference in the life of a child.”

- Paula Deen, TV Chef, Bethesda Investor

“Bethesda provided my son with a perfect blend of an academic and spiritual education.”

- Lakeicha Bryant, parent of a student from the Class of 2011

“The success I had at the University of Georgia is due to what I was taught at Bethesda.”

- DeMarcus Dobbs, NFL player, Bethesda Alumnus

“Bethesda gave me the building blocks to become the person I am today.”

- Lt Col Lance Freeman, USAF, Bethesda Alumnus

“The same work ethic that is taught in the classroom and in Work Experience is expected on the playing field. I know that if I can be successful in sports through hard work, I can be successful anywhere.”

- Daniel Carter-Sweatte, Class of 2013

“My houseparents gave me the freedom to make my own choices, but they held me accountable for those decisions.”

- Alonzo McKinney, Shorter University, Bethesda Class of 2011

“My teacher tells us that men are judged by the way they work, by what they do, not what they say. I’ll take that philosophy with me when I enter the work world.”

- Wyatt Ingram, Class of 2012

“Bethesda prepared me for college life in both my study habits and my ability to balance school and work.”

- Anthony Smith, Class of 2011

“Before I came to Bethesda, I was sometimes embarrassed by my faith. Now I feel more free to practice my love for God.”

- Henry Brown, Class of 2013