Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff at Bethesda Academy share a common commitment to helping young men reach their fullest potential.

Bethesda’s instructional program emphasizes hands-on learning opportunities and competency-based assessment throughout the curriculum. Understanding that young men learn best when they understand the relevancy of their subject matter, faculty members creatively and strategically link content and skill building with Bethesda’s abundant beauty and plentiful natural resources.

Leadership Team
Lisa Wilkes
Director of Community Relations
Call 912.351.2061 or
Monique Williams
Chief Financial Officer
Call 912.691.5295 or
Antwain Turner
Chaplain & Athletic Director
Call 912.351.2056 or
Beau Lynah
Director of Facilities & Maintenance
Call 912.438.6590 or
Terry Longworth
Director of Human Resources
Call 912.691.5294 or
Keith Kilgore
Dean of Students
Call 912.644.4386 or
John Reddan
Director of Institutional Advancement
Call 912.644.4376 or
Karleen Brown
Asst. Principal & Guidance Counselor
Call 912.351.2065 or
Megan Kicklighter
Ed.S. Principal
Call 912.351.2064 or
Michael Hughes
Ph.D. President
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Academic Faculty
Kim Glisson
Health/Geography Teacher
Chaquita Reeves
English Teacher
Che King
Spanish Teacher
Clevan Thompson
Information Technology/ Teacher/ Asst. Football Coach/ Varsity Basketball Coach/ Head Track Coach
Craig Sherman
History Teacher
Jonathan Mingledorff
Middle School Language Arts Teacher
Lamar Hill
Science Teacher/RA
Jennifer Gilmour
Science Teacher/Cottage Teacher
John Burger
Math Teacher
School Support/Enterprise
Tom Brackett
Director of Wildlife Preserve
Wes Lammons
Director of Cattle Operations
Merrin Slocombe
Director of Farm & Garden
Deshonna Cooper
Administrative Assistant
Cottage Staff
John Black
Mario Graves
Christy Winburn
Cottage Teacher
Joe Winburn
Cottage Teacher
Gary Gatewood
Bruce Matthews