Integrated Learning

Bethesda Academy offers many integrated learning experiences for our students.

Through our work study program our high school students hold jobs at the campus. Part of Bethesda Academy’s mission is to help develop a strong work ethic. Each student is assigned a job based on their strengths and future career desires. Students apply for the position and are given weekly feedback on their work performance. The goal of this program is to have our students ready for the work force after they graduate from Bethesda and from college—an authentic  College and Career path experience.

By blending traditional classroom curriculum, hands on work experience and computer based proficiency assessments we are offering our students the best of all worlds. Students are able to become independent thinkers, develop critical thinking skills and gain valuable work experience. Because our campus is part of 650 acres of wild life preserve, farm and land it allows the student to experience a range of learning opportunities, making them be able to achieve new goals and set new standards for themselves.