Planned Giving

A well-planned charitable gift has many benefits. It can protect your assets, often increase your income, and significantly reduce your current and future tax burden. Planned giving also provides Bethesda Academy the necessary financial security which allows us to focus on educational excellence through our values – a love of God, a love of learning and a strong work ethic – and teaching strategies; and ensure governance is held accountable to high standards of quality and expertise. A planned gift is a wonderful way to guarantee a bright future for the young men of Bethesda Academy.

Why Planned Giving?

• Increased income for you and your family.

• Capital gains tax avoidance on gifts of long-term capital gains assets.

• Immediate income tax savings.

• Reduction of high federal estate taxes.

• The ability to defer income until needed.

• Diversification and professional management.

• And finally…making a difference to secure Bethesda Academy’s future.

You choose how your gift is to be used:

• Give to Bethesda Academy’s general endowment fund. You can be assured that every dollar given to Bethesda is used wisely and positively impacts the daily life of our students, faculty and staff, and to support programs and projects that strengthen the Bethesda Academy experience.

• Name a Faculty Chair and/or establish an endowed fund to provide ongoing professional development opportunities for our teachers and staff.

• Help to build the school’s campus grounds and facilities endowment.

• Be creative! Bethesda Academy can work with you to design a charitable plan that is the perfect match for you and our school.


• Allows you to use asset during lifetime
• Reduces estate tax
• Make large contribution not possible during lifetime

Charitable Gift Annuities:

• Fixed payments to you for life
• Guaranteed by Bethesda Academy’s assets
• Immediate tax deduction

Charitable Remainder Trusts:

• Immediate tax deduction
• Variable or fixed payments
• Partially tax free for period of time
• Reduce capital gains tax

Charitable Lead Trusts:

• Provides fixed payments to school for a period of years
• Income tax deduction or estate and gift tax savings
• Principal reverts to donor at end of period
• May reduce transfer tax on gifts to heirs

Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity:

• Higher rates than regular Gift Annuity
• Income deferred to year you choose
• Immediate tax deduction

Life Insurance Policies:

• Make Bethesda Academy the policy owner
• Tax deduction for surrender value
• Any future payments are deductible

Real Estate:

• Donate outright for immediate tax deduction
• Retained Life Estate

Personal Property:

• Donate securities, antiques, art, etc
• Eliminate capital gains and estate taxes

For more information, please contact Dr. Hughes or John Reddan at 912-644-4376.