Bethesda families support their son’s activities by volunteering to help with events and activities throughout the year. From helping out at fundraising events to assisting in the offices, parents are an important of Bethesda’s success.

Bethesda has a very dedicated group of volunteers who give of their time in the following ways:

Working with the Students at the school:

  • Two teachers’ aides … three days weekly
  • Nineteen tutors who serve thirty four students on a weekly basis
  • Two volunteers in the Media Center … one day weekly
  • One volunteer who works with the athletic department as a data clerk one day weekly
  • One retired college admissions counselor working with seniors weekly

Bethesda Farm & Gardens

  • Trustees Garden Club members, several members twice per month

Barn Builders

  • approximately thirty members who work at least once per week


Other areas where volunteers serve are special occasions, The Women’s Board of Bethesda, sports announcers, coaches, administration, communication, and development.

If you are interested in volunteering with Bethesda Academy, please complete the Volunteer Application and contact Elizabeth Brown at 912.351-2061 or