Why Choose Bethesda Academy?



Why Do Families Choose Bethesda?





Families choose Bethesda Academy because we recognize the fact that boys face a wide range of social, emotional and educational challenges in society today. Founded on a belief in God, Bethesda nurtures boys through competency based, flexible instructional program and work preparation so they will grow into responsible citizens. Bethesda offers a boy friendly education in a smaller, supervised, supportive environment. Teachers and administrators are dedicated to the founding mission of George Whitefield, who emphasized a love of God, a love of learning and a strong work ethic.

Whether it is competing on the football field or vying for the prime role in the drama club, Bethesda sets the stage for boys to partake in activities outside the classroom that help them develop into thriving young men.

In 2014 Bethesda Academy joined the South Carolina Independent Schools Association (SCISA) for competitive team and individual sports and activities. Joining SCISA allows for countless opportunities for our students.  Click here to visit our athletic page.

Through the course of the school year, students choose various activities that they want to participate in weekly and learn more about—Outdoor Club (explores the 650 acres of Bethesda),  Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Woodworking, Life Skills, STEAM and junior and senior seminars that help guide students to the correct college and career path.

Bethesda Academy offers exceptional leadership opportunities through a wide range of clubs. Club participation helps build interpersonal skills while reinforcing a strong work ethic.

Our clubs serve as an extension of core values. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes allows students to develop a more meaningful relationship with God. The Outdoor Club allows students to participate in the continuing exploration of the Bethesda campus, and includes opportunities to learn more about the pastures, woods, streams, and river that contributes to the total Bethesda Academy education.


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