Rental Policies


All Bethesda Academy rental rates include set-up time, event time, and move-out time between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. for daytime events and 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. for evening events.

You may bring in a food caterer of your choosing, any caterer you choose must be
licensed and insured. You may also choose to provide your own food.


For set up purposes venues will be available two hours prior to the contacted start time of your event.

Alcoholic Beverages

All alcoholic beverage service must be handled by an approved provider. Georgia ATF
laws must be followed while on the premises. Persons under the age of 21 may not be
served alcohol under any circumstances. No alcoholic beverages served may be taken off
these premises. Violation of these policies may result in expulsion of the guest and/or
termination of the event.

At events where alcohol is to be served, it is required that Police Officers be present. Bethesda Academy will make arrangements for this service, and the minimum charge for this service is $100 per officer. Bethesda will pay the officer directly and must be reimbursed by the client.

Alcoholic beverages may be served through the use of the following approved providers:

Johnnie Ganem Package Shop
501 Habersham Street
Savannah, GA 31401
Paul Ganem

Bull River Beverage Mart
7724 Johnny Mercer Blvd
Savannah, GA 31410
Donna or Tommy Chu

Whitemarsh Beverage Center
4700 US Highway 80 E., Ste J
Savannah, GA 31410
Ricky Johnson

Charlie Ganem & Sons
Charlie Ganem


With the exception of guide or service animals, animals are prohibited at reception

Tent and Party Rentals

You must use our approved full-service party and tent rental source:

Ranco Tent Rentals/Savannah Special Events

Limited Audio Visual equipment is available for your use; however, an outside vendor
may be used for A/V. Clients holding events requiring audio/visual set-up must contract
with one of our recommended A/V vendors.

PSAV Presentation Services
One International Drive
Savannah, GA 31421

Stage Front Production Services
6 Southern Oaks Dr
Savannah, GA 31405

Balloons/Banners/Decorations/Hanging Items

Event-related banners and decorations may be hung with the approval and supervision of the Bethesda Academy staff liaison on duty. Banners and decorations that cannot be hung safely and without causing damage to the venue will not be approved. Banners
found to be objectionable by Bethesda Academy administration will be removed at their
discretion. All candle flames must be enclosed. The use of staples, tacks, glue, or similar
items is prohibited. Should it become necessary for Bethesda Academy staff to clean up
decorations, a clean-up fee will be charged.

Billing/Date Confirmation/Deposits

Bethesda Academy will accept reservations for events within one calendar year from the
event date. A deposit of 50% is required at time of contracting. Until a deposit and
signed contract are received, any holds will be regarded as tentative. Total payment of all charges is due thirty (30) days prior to the event.

Events cancelled in excess of 90 days prior to the event will receive their deposit back, if
the date can be re-booked. If the date is not re-booked the entire deposit will be forfeited.

The entire deposit will be non-refundable if event is cancelled within ninety (90) days of
scheduled event date. If the event is rescheduled within one year, the deposit will be
applied to the new date less a $25 administrative fee. All cancellations must be submitted in writing and deposit refunds will be determined by the date Bethesda Academy administration receives cancellation letter.

Facility rental includes general refuse removal at the end of the event. In the case of
excessive refuse, a clean-up fee will be charged. All left-over decorations and other
items will be regarded as refuse. If there is any damage to the buildings or property, a
repair or replacement fee will be assessed.

Some events may require the purchase of a Special Events Policy. The policy should
name Bethesda Academy as an additional insured.


The band, disc jockey, or other entertainment will be required to contract with our
recommended vendor to coordinate equipment and electrical set up. Delivery of
equipment must be scheduled during scheduled set up time for the contracted event.
Bethesda Academy will not provide equipment for bands or DJ’s, such as microphones,
electrical tape, and stages.

If entertainers perform on a riser/stage, this stage may not cause damage to any floor
surface. It will be the sole responsibility of the Client to contract with our recommended
vendor for any staging equipment including, but not limited to, riser, staffing, pipe and
drape, etc. Floor protection should be used during load-in and load-out and during the

Bethesda Academy reserves the right to prohibit any equipment needing more
power than the standard electrical outlet provides or any equipment that Bethesda
Academy believes is a fire or safety hazard.

Our recommended vendors are:

PSAV Presentation Services
One International Drive
Savannah, GA 31421

Stage Front Production Services
6 Southern Oaks Dr
Savannah, GA 31405


Free parking is available for facility rental events on a first come, first serve
basis. Bethesda Academy accepts no responsibility for damage to vehicles or items
removed from vehicles while parked on the school property at any time. It is strongly
encouraged that valuables are not left in vehicles and that vehicles are kept locked.


Still photos, filming and /or videotaping are normally allowed during an event. Only
designated event areas are approved for photography, film or video. Other areas of the
campus are considered off limits. Any photography of Bethesda students is strictly


Posters and signs are to be mounted on easels. They may not be affixed in any way to
buildings or other surfaces. It is the client’s responsibility to bring easels and to remove
signs after the event ends.


If an event requires security in the opinion of Bethesda Academy administration, security
must be provided at the client’s expense. Bethesda will pay the officer directly and must
be reimbursed by the client. Bethesda Academy is not liable for any loss, theft, or
vandalism that occurs during client’s rental of the facility.


The entire Bethesda Academy campus is a smoke-free environment. The use of tobacco
products is not allowed anywhere on the campus.