COVID-19 Procedures/Policies

  • Temperature Screening for All Staff and Students every morning (Anyone with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher willbe sent home immediately).
  • Masks are required of All Staff and Students with the exceptions of eating,
    physical education, recess, outside work studies.
  • Teachers and students are socially distanced away from each
    other as much as possible.
  • Desks/tables have been rearranged to utilize all classroom/dining hall space to
    be distanced from each other.
  • Desks and tables are disinfected after each class period. Additionally, each
    classroom, office, gymnasium and dining hall are disinfected each evening
    with a peroxide based fogger spray.
  • No- touch water fountains are installed in the school, gymnasium and
    dining hall.
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been installed in every classroom,hallways,
    gym, and dining hall
  • Upgraded air quality systems were installed in the school, gymnasium and dining hall.

             Key components of the upgrade:
             1.Installation of MERV-13 air filters
             2. Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionization devices. This device will block the
                 Virus from being able to circulate in the buildings.
             3.Programmed thermostats to provide an air flush six times a day
                So air can be circulated out of the building.