Bethesda Academy provides students an innovative, challenging educational experience to prepare them for lifelong success in either a college or career track. This educational program is comprehensive in nature and covers the traditional subject areas (language arts, English, writing, mathematics, physical sciences, history, social science, world language) combined with an emphasis on utilizing technology to facilitate learning. Teaching at Bethesda is student-centered with differentiated instruction tailored to the needs of the learner. Faculty use hands-on, active learning approaches that leverage the natural learning style(s) of boys to obtain maximum learning and retention value. Upon enrollment, students are assessed in mathematics, language arts, and reading areas to formulate a meaningful educational program of study for each individual student. When necessary, the Academy will assist students in pursuing relevant remedial work to enhance their skills and promote opportunities to succeed and graduate.

In preparation for post-secondary success, the college preparatory curriculum has been designed as a sequential, task-oriented approach to identifying and gaining admission to the college of choice in a 1:1 student counselor setting. As for students with vocational interests, the “Bethesda Works” work-study-internship program will introduce these students to key job skills and specific areas of work to best prepare them with soft skills and a strong work ethic beneficial for entry into the work force.