GOAL Scholarship Program

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Please help Bethesda Academy by taking advantage of Georgia’s GOAL Program again this year.  I can sign you up right now if you simply email me at: john.reddan@bethesdaacademy.org.  Or if you want to sign up for yourself, simply click on the link below.  It only takes 30 seconds, but it means so much to our Bethesda boys!

Georgia’s GOAL Program for Bethesda Academy

Thank you for taking advantage of this remarkable program that lets you decide how your Georgia tax dollars will be spent.  It has become an essential part of funding our efforts here at Bethesda to instill students with a Love of God, a Love of Learning, and a Strong Work Ethic.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Please email me back to sign up or call me directly with any questions at (912) 660-8567.

Very best regards,


John H. Reddan

Director of Institutional Advancement

Direct: (912) 660-8567

Meet Eric Brack, a Bethesda GOAL Scholar:

30 Sec Goal – Eric Brac from Bethesda Academy on Vimeo.