Leadership.  Entrepreneurship.  Sustainability.

Students in grades 9 – 12 spend one class period of their schedule each day in one of our Campus Internships.  While the experiences are all unique, students are taught and expected to demonstrate solid work ethic skills.  Students receive weekly grades and their Internship is included on their report card.  Student interns are currently managed by mentors in the following areas: Athletic Program, Athletic Training, Wildlife Sanctuary & Preserve, Dining Services, Office Assistants, Introduction to Digital Media, Teacher’s Aide, and Maintenance.

Each internship is planned and implemented by a staff mentor(s) who teaches students the skills they need in order to complete their assigned tasks. These work experiences allow students to get out from behind their desks and into the outdoors or office settings where they can work with their hands as well as their heads.

These are just a few of the many tasks through which Bethesda students learn to work cooperatively with others, develop skills, meet expectations and enjoy the rewards of a job well done – attributes and experiences that readily transfer to all aspects of their life. Regardless of the field in which they work, each young man must show up on time, work hard at the job he has been assigned, and lead by serving others.

Bethesda Campus Internships