Boarding Cottages

Boarding students benefit tremendously from the skills and friendships they acquire through communal living and their relationships with cottage staff. Typically, there are ten to twelve boys in each cottage, along with a married couple who serve as cottage teachers and are professionally trained to work with adolescent young men in a boarding environment. Most of Bethesda’s cottage teachers also have children of their own who reside in the cottage, contributing to the family-like atmosphere.

From Sunday evening until Friday afternoon, Bethesda Academy’s cottage teachers provide a structured environment that fosters personal responsibility and independent living skills that are critical to continued success in a college or university. Students are regularly assigned household tasks, study hours are observed and cottage teachers work closely with faculty members to address academic performance issues. Cottage teachers at Bethesda in no way are meant to replace a student’s own parents, but it is their goal to make life in the cottage feel as much like family life as possible. The involvement of each family is encouraged and, in fact, critical to the effectiveness of the program.

However, life at Bethesda is hardly all work and no play! Cottages regularly plan recreational activities on campus and within the Savannah community. Friendly cottage-to-cottage competitions abound as boys’ natural sense of competition develops into a strong loyalty to cottage mates and cottage teachers.

Students enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, served communally in the dining hall. Snacks are provided within the cottages. Cottage teachers periodically cook meals within the cottages and include student in preparing and serving the meal as well as clean-up.