Campus Life

Campus life at Bethesda Academy provides a solid foundation for future success. Living, working and playing among a community of individuals who share common values serves as an important part of the Bethesda experience.

The lessons taught in the classrooms at Bethesda carry over to life in the boarding cottages. Students are encouraged to be self-reliant, responsible, and flexible. The structured campus life and family-like atmosphere helps support students, reinforce valuable life skills, and prepare them for success.

The cottage curriculum is made up of a series of lesson plans, just as is true with the academic curriculum. The boarding program adds to the value of the Bethesda experience by teaching life skills that will be needed during and after a student’s enrollment. Time management, organization strategies, manners, personal appearance, learning to accept responsibility, approaching authority, negotiating conflict, and asking for help are important life lessons. The cottage staff works with the Dean of Students and Principal to create a series of opportunities where students are taught life skills and then encouraged to practice them in some ‘real life’ scenario.

Boarding students live on campus from Sunday evening until after school on Friday afternoon. Boarding is offered during the school week when school is in session.

Campus Life