Bethesda Academy offers exceptional leadership opportunities through a wide range of clubs. Club participation helps build interpersonal skills while reinforcing a strong work ethic.

Our clubs serve as an extension of core values. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes allows students to develop a more meaningful relationship with God. The Outdoor Club allows students to participate in the continuing exploration of the Bethesda campus, and includes opportunities to learn more about the pastures, woods, streams, and river that contributes to the total Bethesda Academy education. Bethesda also has an active Peer Mediation Group, who is trained in conflict resolution by The Mediation Center.  Upperclassmen who serve in this group are charged with stepping in to facilitate meaningful and productive dialogue between students in a conflict.

Bethesda has two groups of students who partner with a nearby elementary school and weekly volunteer as Reading Buddies for children in kindergarten and 1st grades.  We also have students who volunteer weekly at the Humane Society and seasonally with other non-profits, such as The Salvation Army.  We are proud to offer opportunities for servant leadership through community service that benefits others beyond the Bethesda gates.

Beyond the greater community, Bethesda Academy also has established a strong campus community with our boarding students. There are currently 4 boarding cottages on campus, and 10-12 students living in each.  Our boarding students have access to additional tutoring in the evenings, various group/cottage activities, and monthly “Family Nights” where the families of all boarding students are invited to campus for an evening of fun and fellowship. Sometimes it is a poolside cookout, sometimes it is a variety show, sometimes it is a Spooky Halloween Party – but it is always fun and a great way for families, students, and Cottage Teachers to spend time together. For more about our boarding program, click here.