Academic - Sean RustyAt Bethesda, we take accountability seriously. And we believe it shows in our comparative results. Our young men graduate on-time at a rate of 95%. On average, 85% of our graduates go on to college, while the other 15% choose to serve in the military or enter the workforce.

The Schott Foundation for Public Education has published that, nationally, only 78% of white males and 52% of black males graduate “on-time”  – meaning within four years of beginning high school. The local results are more disheartening: GA is 65% and 49%; SC is 62% and 46%, respectively.

Those numbers are part of what drives Bethesda Academy’s commitment to maintaining and using an assessment system that produces data from multiple assessment measures, including locally developed and standardized assessment about student learning and school performance.

Clarus - Isaac Caesar and David GraysonEven our curriculum, APEX Learning, offers an abundance of data that is used to measure and enhance student growth. Bethesda Academy’s staff ensures consistent measurement of student progress is being analyzed across all classrooms and courses with the implementation of the APEX curriculum and assessment. APEX is web-based, allowing all stakeholders access to curriculum and the assessments of the student learning instantaneously. We regularly evaluate for reliability and effectiveness in improving instruction, student learning and the conditions that support learning. For example, when teachers engage in discussion about APEX curriculum and its relationship to Common Core, assessment design is always a part of conversation.