South State Bank Center for Young Entrepreneurship

SouthState - Bethesda

South State Bank, which operates nine locations in the Savannah and Richmond Hill markets, recently presented a check donation in the amount of $100,000 for the establishment of the South State Bank Center for Young Entrepreneurship.

The Center, in conjunction with Bethesda’s work-study curriculum, offers studies in principles of sound business development, financial management, and integrity in the workplace to the students of Bethesda Academy.

“This generous donation is a testament to the faith that South State Bank has placed in our students’ ability to succeed,” said David Tribble, D.Min., President of Bethesda. “Bethesda graduates will possess a sound understanding of their potential role in the business community, which will support their decisions for life after Bethesda. From choosing college majors, to their first job, or military service, The South State Center for Young Entrepreneurs will open up new horizons for our students.”

The program, developed by the leadership of Bethesda Academy and South State Bank, consists of curriculum that will teach students financial literacy, introduce the work enterprises of Bethesda from a business perspective, discuss the free enterprise system and support students to work through a business planning process. The work-study portion of the program will grade students on their actual labor in the workplace and students will build a portfolio of their work while in the program. It is the goal of the program that every student will graduate knowing what it takes to run a business – integrity, discipline, responsibility, accountability, critical thinking – as well as understanding how to write and implement a business plan.

“Entrepreneurship, which can only flourish from a sound financial literacy base, is at the heart of our bank and this partnership with Bethesda is a natural fit,” said John C. Helmken II, South State Bank Savannah regional executive and vice chairman of Bethesda’s Board of Governors. “Small business is what helps keep our communities strong and learning these principles early will be a great asset to Bethesda graduates.”

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