Partners beyond Bethesda


Bethesda Academy seeks the continuous invigoration of all of our programs through partnerships with colleges and universities. Currently, Bethesda Academy is engaged in a three-year research study with the National Center for Dropout Prevention at Clemson University as we seek ways to continuously improve all that Bethesda has to offer to our student body. Discussions are also underway with Vanderbilt University to develop new models of programmatic measures that will support our on-going march toward becoming one of the finest educational centers in America. These Beyond Bethesda initiatives signal to our staff and our supporters that Bethesda Academy will never settle for less than our very best in meeting the needs of our students.

After Graduation

Bethesda Academy desires to stay in touch with our graduates after they leave this historic campus. Some nominal on-going financial support through college can be offered, based on need, and seniors should contact the President’s Office as soon as possible as they prepare for college enrollment.