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10 Ways Bethesda Academy Helps Boys Succeed 




1. We believe in boys.
At Bethesda Academy, we offer a safe, supportive atmosphere and help every student channel his energy into new opportunities for learning and growth.

2. We understand that boys think differently and learn differently.
That’s why we offer a more structured, more supportive learning environment, which rewards our students’ natural curiosity.

3. We’re devoted to timeless values.
Since 1740, Bethesda has been guided by the core values established by founder George Whitefield: A love of God, a love of learning and a strong work ethic.

4. Our hands-on learning experiences encourage exploration.
Our spectacular 650-acre campus serves as a living classroom, offering endless hands-on learning opportunities in the organic garden, wildlife sanctuary, on the farm and in our video production lab.

5. We believe in educating the whole child.
With a wide range of extracurricular activities, Bethesda Academy encourages boys to develop leadership skills through a variety of service organizations and student clubs.

6. We emphasize personal  accountability.
Every student at Bethesda is expected to formulate and take ownership of their habits and skills that will make them productive citizens long after graduation.

7. Spiritual formation underscores every lesson learned.
With a strong spiritual foundation nurtured in a non-sectarian Christian environment, our students are encouraged to broaden their understanding of life’s challenges and opportunities, and to develop an deepened appreciation of their purpose, value, and response to a broader spiritual context for living and decision making.

8. We provide a home-like environment.
Boarding students benefit from communal living and strong mentor relationships with teachers and staff. At Bethesda Academy, 10 to 12 boys share a cottage, along with professionally-trained, married cottage teachers.

9. Our athletic programs teach self-discipline and teamwork.
From football and basketball to track and field, golf and baseball, students enjoy a wide range of competitive sports opportunities year-round.

10. We inspire every student to reach his fullest potential.
We treasure diversity and understand many students need individualized instruction to help them succeed. We strive to help every child at Bethesda Academy reach his God-given potential in life.


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